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Where Babes Meet Blades – Review

Once again the amazing Julia has reviewed the new E.P.

Ready, set, GO!!! Gore Obsessed is at it again. Grab your disinfectants and jump right in to this fecal massacre. Where does Justin get his inspiration if only we could climb in this brain and take a journey through his prefrontal cortex. Gore Obsessed fans here is another masterpiece from the one and only sexy Mr. Justin. Brutal and abusive just the way I like it. Skip the lube and jump in!

Play it loud and fuck your neighbors!!!



Once again Thanks Julia!

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Here’s an interview I did with the awesome FATAL GRIND web ‘zine in February 2010


You have to check out GORE OBSESSED, formed by a freak possessed from the good old grinding days mixed with great 70th/80th European horror flicks. You think there are a lot of them out there…yes maybe. But only a hand full of them can transfer their emotions into intelligent and rigorous brutal music. Take a listen to this remarkable one – man wrecking ball!

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Interview – extreminal.com – Sept 2010

Here’s an interview I did with Turkish ‘ zine/distro Extreminal.com in september 2010


Greetings and welcome to Extreminal Webzine! As a start,please present GORE OBSSESSED to our readers ?


Hi Extreminal Readers!
Gore Obsessed is a one-man “band” playing Death/Grind inspired by the early masters. The lyrics are mostly fun, friendly tales of Horror (inspired by horror movies and sick stories), Death and Necrophlia. Even though I use a drum machine I try and get it to sound as realistic as possiable. I also use very little Pitchshifted vokills, mostly the vokills are without effects (though I am making an “experimental” EP where all the songs will have Pitchshifted vokills, like Romperprop, CBT and Regurgitate. This is more for fun as I like those bands vocal style but for now will only be done on the one EP).


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DSK EP review

Read Julia review of the new Gore Obsessed EP


After months of nagging Gore Obsessed for a new album (yes, I can be annoying that way…haha)


Justin has delivered another amazing album. Gore Obsessed is strong out of the gate with absurdly entertaining samples followed by some deep growling vocals, a wide range of accelerated drum beats, intense bass and guitar work that continues through the whole album. These tracks are done just right with the consistent quality that we the fans can count on from Gore Obsessed.


My favorite tracks on this album are Meet Rocky de Sade (The Sexual Deviant) and I’m a Necrophile


This album is a perfect addition to any play list for your daily grind whether running on the treadmill, driving to a funeral or just plain lounging around.




Thanks a lot Julia!

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Torn Flesh Records Presents 300 SINS Comp

The new Compilation download to celebrate TORN FLESH RECORDS 300th release is OUT!


The Comp features a Gore Obsessed track as well as a rough demo track of a new band I’m involved in (with fellow freak Eric from Blasphemation) called… GORE BLAST!
Expect a Gore Blast release in the near future!


Torn Flesh Records Presents 300 SINS – Free Download (feat. 51 tracks!)